BankVOD Data due diligence - 360 view
Forest Rim

Gain Insight From Your Unstructured Data As Never Before

News Release: April 12, 2016

BankVOD, the global leader in automated banking asset analytics has partnered with Forest Rim Technology, to demonstrate how their combined technologies can help companies gain a 360 degree view of their data as never before. This groundbreaking technology will allow users to gather insights from multiple data sources so they can make data driven decisions and optimize corporate and brand management. 80% of enterprise data is unstructured according to IDC, Forrester and Gartner.

Use Cases for this Data Due Diligence tool are as follows:
KYC: Know Your Customer
KYE: Know Your Employees
MYRC: Manage Your Regulatory Compliance
AMP: Automate Manual Processes
CE: Customer Experience
PL: Preventive Litigation

BankVOD and Forest Rim Technology have created a solution to convert unstructured data in the form of text, into a database that then can be analyzed for insight. Combined with series of dashboards to visualize enormous volumes of unstructured data found throughout corporate enterprises.

Quote from Tim Portley, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of BankVOD:
"We are thrilled to be working with Bill Inmon, a world renowned Data Scientist and Top 10 most influential people in the first 40 years of computing. The scale, throughput, and performance of Textual ETL combined with our rapidfire banking analytics, allows dynamic visual analysis of multiple and varied datasources. A world of promise and opportunity in information is buried in the unstructured textual data. BankVOD's Data Due Diligence will give you a decided edge over your competitors by accessing the unstructured textual data in your entire organization quickly and easily."

Quote from Bill Inmon, Forest Rim Tech:
"In a day and age where competition is around every turn, banks are increasing finding that listening to your customer is more important than ever before. With new advances in textual technology it is now possible to hear both the sentiment of the customer AND why the customer has that sentiment. The insight that can be gained from listening to the customer is such that now the banking organization can retain customers and keep them happy. BankVOD is an ideal partner with their long standing relationships with many of the leading financial institution and position as the premier banking data risk analytics provider."

Forest Rim
Forest Rim Technology is a Castle Rock, Colorado company founded in 2003 by Bill Inmon. Forest Rim Technology is a pioneer in creating a software technology known as TextualETL™. TextualETL™ is a powerful NEW technology that takes raw, unstructured text, uses textual disambiguationĀ© and other concepts to deliver the desired data in a standard relational database, ready for consumption or analysis. Gartner named FRT "Cool New Technology Company for 2015 – Data Integration & Quality"

BankVOD is the leading provider of premium Risk Assessment and Data Due Diligence programs for the Financial Industry and Fortune 500 Companies. Our services include: Web Based Asset Verification Platforms with an array of complementary services such as SSN, IRS validation & fraud control, Data Analytics, Occupancy and Employment/Income Verification. We are headquartered out of Illinois with branch offices on the East and West Coasts. BSI is the parent company of