4506-C Tax Return Verification Info
Pricing: $11 for the first year then an additional $5 per year.


IRS Form 4506-C

The IRS provides third parties the ability to get up to 4 years of tax return history on individuals who have authorized the query by signing and dating the 4506-C form. 4506-C forms can be used to obtain tax transcripts for W-2, tax transcripts for 1040, tax transcripts for 1065, tax transcripts for 1098, tax transcripts for 1099, tax transcripts for 1120 and tax transcripts for 5498.

It is important that the 4506-C form is filled out completely and accurately to avoid rejection. The signature and date on the application can not exceed 120 days before submittal. It is important that all sections are completed and that the address listed matches the address on file for the tax year requested. 4506-C Results in 24-48 Hours from Submission.

Most national lenders have dramatically increased underwriting requirements and are verifying income history with a 4506-C. Fannie and Freddie both require 4506-C TRV reports as do many lenders who have purchased loans from other lenders. 4506-C forms are also helpful in retrieving tax return history for other purposes such as income verification, record keeping and accounting practices.

Standard turnaround when requesting a 4506-C from the IRS can average a week or more for an individual, however with our direct online volume submissions we are able to retrieve report results in as little as one to two business days.

When you upload your 4506-C Request through our web Based SSAE 16 compliant interface, the documents are sent directly to the IRS TRV processing queue. Once completed you will be alerted by email notifying you that there is a completed 4506-C report available to view. Simply login to access, download to your desk top and/or print a copy of the requested transcript.

The cost per 4506-C request is $11.00 for the first year requested then an additional $5.00 per year up to four (4) years.