About Us

With over 30 years of industry experience, Billing Solutions was formed to address the needs of the B2B customer support industry. Billing Solutions is comprised solely of former AT&T pay per call Sales and Marketing leaders, who were instrumental in building this business from the ground up.

Fueled by a passion for this industry, our company provides unparallel client support with a unique partnership that stands the test of time.  Billing Solutions takes a consultative approach to your business with a “Best in Class” track record for developing superior telephony support programs.

We are headquartered out of Illinois with branch offices on the East Coast.


BSI Value Proposition

BSI’s objective is to eradicate antiquated, slow moving infrastructure and replace it with a state of the art Verification Hub™. BankVOD allows our end users to communicate with our Banking clients and perform due diligence transactions in a most efficient manner. Verification of Deposit, Business Credit Rating, Quality Control Audits, Loan Payoff and Verification of Mortgage can all be addressed through a single interface.

Billing Solutions is involved in over 75% of the Banking Industries third party verification requests. By joining our team, you will address the vast majority of the market as we provide this service to top tier National and Regional Banks. The vast majority of our clients have been with us for over a decade and our programs are vital components to their balance sheet. We are continually adding to our esteemed client base and maintain relationships that stand the test of time.

If you are in Mortgage Industry, most likely a profile already exists in our database of over 87,000 lenders/financial companies. Virtually every Major Lender, QC Audit Firm, Investor, GSE and Merchant look to BankVOD as the single source for processing bank verifications, which allows them to transact more business.

Backed by a secure, state of the art processing interface and data facility; our clients know their sensitive data is safe. To our End Users, the overall process is almost transparent: you submit the verification requests and BankVOD does the rest.