Verification of Occupancy and Identity
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Application Summary: Conduct Mortgage Application Due Diligence and Post Funding QC Audits within a Secure, Single Source Verification Hub™

BankVOD's Know Your Customer (KYC) Risk Analytics allows you to perform identity verifications, fraud analytics, due diligence and credit risk assessments, improve operational efficiencies, comply with government regulations and enhance your bottom line. When combined with our Banking Asset Verifications Solutions, organizations can dramatically reduce financial crime, achieve regulatory compliance, mitigate business risk, improving operational efficiencies and enhancing profitability.

  1. BankVOD Identity Report: BankVOD's Identity Report provides your organization with the most comprehensive view of an identity to allow you to rapidly perform identity verifications functions and reduce synthetic forms of identity fraud. Sample Report
  2. BankVOD Verification of Occupancy: Validate application and property data by efficiently performing critical quality control checks and isolate any data inconsistencies that may indicate fraud. Sample Report
  3. BankVOD Mortgage Fraud Report: A thorough risk assessment of the applicant that improves visibility, fortifies compliance and protects your business from the risk of mortgage lending fraud.
  4. BankVOD SSA Verify: A secure gateway to access Social Security Administration data sources to streamline identity validations and help you match key applicant identification data.