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Bank VOD allows you to perform the following verifications: Enroll Now
  Verification of Deposit

For Mortgage Brokers / Processors to obtain Current Consumer account balances as part of the loan qualification process.
Re-Verification/Quality Audit
For Mortgage Auditors and Quality Control Firms to validate accuracy of Retroactive Consumer Account information and detect fraud.

Business Inquiry/ Commercial Audit
For Commercial Account Inquiries as a means to validate banking information in support of an audit, current transaction or extension of credit.
Allows Mortgage Brokers and Auditors to uncover Occupancy or Identity misrepresentation from Loan Application through Post Funding Reviews.
  Response Includes:
Current balance, 2 month average balance and date opened for checking and current balance and date opened for savings accounts.
Response Includes:
Accuracy of Verification of Deposit Form or Bank Statements as of the date it was originally processed.
Response Includes:
Date opened, account type and average balances. Account numbers is REQUIRED to identify customer & produce a response.
Response Includes:
VOO: Borrower Summary, Fraud Score, Address History, Property Ownership History, Utility History and Additional Properties Owned.
VOI: Name, Address, SSN, DOB, Phone, Gender, Driver License, AKA/FKA, SSN

Unstructured Data

Technology Partner Of:

Form 4506T used by mortgage lenders and others within the financial community to confirm the income of a borrower during the processing of a loan application.
Verification of Employment
Requests for Verification Employment and Wage information on both current and prior employees.
Loan Payoff

Obtain a current Payoff Figure for a loan account.
Response Includes:
The IRS provides return transcript, W-2 transcript and 1099 transcript information for individuals or businesses.
Response Includes:
Average three years wage history, dates of employment, status, and job title(s).
Response Includes:
Payoff Figure as of date/time of inquiry.